3D Printer J3030 Xtreme Full Kit

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3D printer full Kit help you to build a 3D printer that can giving you a 30x30x30 working area. Kit contents all printer parts that you need to build you 3D printer and You can choose the components of the printer yourself. You can also assemble the printer yourself or choose an assembly. You can add the services you want to obtain with the printer.

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Main Materials: Aluminum,Acrylic
Main Color: Silver
Working Area: 30x30x30


3D Printer Aluminum Frame Kit(45x49x49)
1 V-Slot 20x20 Linear Rail (45cm)
6 V-Slot 20x40 Linear Rail (45cm)
16 M5x35mm High Tensile Socket Head Screws
10 M5x10mm High Tensile Socket Head Cap Screws
4 Double T-Nut
2 Triple T-Nut

X and Y V-Slot
2 V-Slot 20x20 Linear Rail (49cm)
1 V-Slot 20x20 Linear Rail (45cm)

3D Printer 4 Legs Kit
4 stick Anti Vibration for 3D Printers and other machines 40mm 
20 M5x10mm High Tensile Socket Head Cap Screws 
4 90 Degree Joining Plate
4 Screw leveling legs
14 Double T-Nut

J3030 Acrylic Kit
2 X Axis Right side plates
2 X Axis Left side plate
1 X Axis Gantry Plate
1 X Axis Limit switch mount Plate
1 Y Axis Bulid Plate 32cmx32cm
1 Y Axis Belt Tension and ideler mount
1 Y Axis Motor mount
1 Y Axis Limit switch mount Plate
1 Z Axis Top Plate
1 Z Motor spacer
1 Z Axis optical limit switch mount Plate
1 Z Axis Hotend Mount

Idler,Pulley and Belt
2 GT2 40 Tooth 8mm Bore Timing Belt Pulley
3 GT2 20 Tooth 5mm Bore Timing Belt Pulley
2 Aluminum Idler Pulley 5mm
2 Rubber Timing Belt Width 6mm
1 Gt2 6mm Closed Loop Timing Belt 2Gt-6 930mm Rubber Synchronous Belt

17 Xtreme Solid V Wheel Kit
4 693zz Bearing 3x8x4 Flanged
4 688z Bearing 8x16x5 Flanged

Screws and Nut
9 Eccentric Spacer 6mm
17 Aluminum Spacer 5.1 x 10 x 6mm

2 Lead Screw 40cmx8mm
2 Nut Block for 8mm Metric Acme Lead Screw
7 Double T-Nut
6 Slide t-nut 5mm
27 M5 Nylock Nut-100-551
2 Lock Collar 8mm
8 Low Profile Screws M5X10MM
4 Low Profile Screws M5X20MM
2 Low Profile Screws M5X25MM
3 Low Profile Screws M5X30MM
8 Low Profile Screws M5 X 35MM
6 Low Profile Screws M5 X 40MM
6 M5x15mm High Tensile Socket Head Cap Screws
2 M3x30mm High Tensile Socket Countersunk Screws

15 M3x10mm High Tensile Socket Head Screws
10 M3x15mm High Tensile Socket Head Screws
10 M3x20mm High Tensile Socket Head Screws
10 M3x30mm High Tensile Socket Head Screws
25 Light Metal Nut Washer 3mm
25 Light Metal Nut Washer 5mm
25 Iron Nut 3mm

1 Arduino Mega 2560

1 Control Board Ramps Reprap 1.4
4 Stepper Motor Driver A4988 Module

2 Limit Switch (MS.2 - 19.5 x 10.0 x 6.0 mm)
1 Optical Endstop Optical Limit Switch

1 Smart  LCD 128 x 64 With Controller & SD Card 
1 DC 12V Air blower,5cm Turbo blower,Humidifier fan,speed 4600RPM

1 NTC 3950 Thermistors-big head Size with dupont
1 3D PCB Mk2b 12,24 Volt Thermal Printer Bed (21.4)
1 3D Printer Aluminium Heated Bed 300x300mm - 3mm

1- E3D V6 Long distance J-head Hotend with Cooling fan ,heater,thermistor and fan duct built-in for 1.75mm 3D Printer Nozzel 0.4mmd

1- MK8 All-Metal Remote Extruder for 1.75mm 3d Printer Parts

4 Nema 17 Used motors

Power Supply
1 SMPS Power supply 12V/30A regulated

Control Box
1 Plywood control box
10 Aluminum legs 20x40 Length 80mm
1 SW2 ON/OFF (Up to 8A 250V AC) 2Pin

1 Extension Sensors Cable 70cm
4 Stepper Motor Extension Cable 70cm
1 USB 2.0 Type B Male To Female 1500MM
1 15A HeatBed High Power Output Cable
1 Meter PTFE Teflon Tube Remote Nozzle feed Guide 2 x 4

printed parts
1 hotend mount

1 Cable Drag Chain 7x7
1 Cable Drag Chain 15x15

Special Spool holder

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