J3030 CR-10 Style Mechanical kit

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Juthour 3D printer mechanical Kit help you to build a 3D printer that can giving you a 30x30x40 working area. Kit contents all mechanical parts that you need to build you 3D printer without motors or electronics.
SKU: CR.10.30

Main Material: Aluminum
Main Color: Black
Working Area: 30x30x40


Aluminum 3D Printer Frame Kit(50x54x54)
     3 V-Slot 20x20 Linear Rail (50cm)
     4 V-Slot 20x40 Linear Rail (50cm)
     2 T Joining Plate (Acrylic)
     16 Low Profile M5x25
     10 Low Profile M5x10
     10 M5 Slide t-nut

CR-10 Acrylic Kit
     2 X Axis Right side plates
     2 X Axis Left sidr plate
     1 X Axis Gantry Plate
     1 X Axis Belt Tension Plate
     1 X Axis Limit switch mount Plate
     1 Y Axis Bulid Plate 32cmx32cm
     1 Y Axis Belt Tension and ideler mount
     1 Y Axis Motor mount (Aluminum)
     1 Y Axis Limit switch mount Plate
     2 Z Axis Motor mount (2 mounts)
     2 Z Axis End support mount (2 mounts)
     1 Z Axis Proximity and E3d mount plate
     1 E Axis extruder mount plate for v-slot
     1 E Axis extruder mount plate 90 angle
     4 Acrylic Leg 10mm

X and Y V-Slot 
     1 V-Slot 20x20 Linear Rail (50cm)
     1 V-Slot 20x40 Linear Rail (60cm)

Idler,Pulley,bearing,Coupling,V-Wheel and Belt
     15 OpenBuild Solid V-Wheel
     3 Rubber Timing Belt Width 6mm
     2 GT2 20 Tooth 5mm Bore Pulley
     2 Flexible Coupling 5x8mm
     2 F608zz bearing 8x22x7
     2 Aluminum Idler Pulley 5mm
     1 16 Teeth Idler Bore 3mm

Screws and Nut
      50 Spacer 5.1*6*1mm
      25 M3 Screws M3x12
      20 Low Profile M5x12 
      15 M5 Slide t-nut
      10 Spacer 5.1*10*6mm
      10 M5 Nylock Nut-100-551
       8 Low Profile M5x20 
       8 Eccentric Spacer 6mm
       7 Low Profile M5x35
       6 Low Profile M5x40
       5 Double Tee Nut
       1 Low Profile M5x55
       2 POM Nut Block for 8mm Lead Screw
       2 Lead Screw 50cmx8mm

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